Agassi parts ways with Djokovic : “We far too often agree to disagree “


 ‘With only the best intentions I tried to help Novak,’ Agassi said in a statement released to ESPN. ‘We far too often found ourselves agreeing to disagree. I wish him only the best moving forward.’

Djokovic must find the way to compete at his very best once again. However , it seems that he has not overcome yet some mental  blocks which still stand  through his pathway . It seems to our view that he still has to settle properly ongoing  dynamics   outside the court , How his subjective motivations  affect his decision making process it is not debatable  .The only person who is entitle to address the problem , is Djokovic .Can he manage to go through ? Yes we have no doubts about  this specific issue , nonetheless only Djokovic knows how to deliver the proper answer 

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