Before rejoining Djokovic , Vajda urged to get rid of Pepe Imaz


‘Yes, I wanted to quit (cooperation with Imaz), although that was not my primary condition,’ he told Dennik Sport.

The first condition was to see Novak personally. The other was to set specific rules and plans for the coming months.

‘Already in Barcelona, we had a complete team at our disposal, we moved and talked.

‘We wanted other people around him not to intervene as much as it used to be before, we told him that we would not be pleased if it was again. We did not want to treat tennis as a philosophy.’

Vajda admits he took four days to consider whether to return to coach Djokovic, who contacted the Slovakian after he lost to Benoit Paire in the second round at the Miami Masters in March.

He was not certain if he could work with both Agassi and Stepanek but as both men both departed it was clear the 53-year-old would be in full control.

‘He called me and we talked for almost an hour – he was full of suspicion and asked me what I think about his game.

‘It was not clear how the game should look to him, and he was not even sure about his team with Agassi and Stepanek.

‘He told me that his instinct tells me that I could be his coach again and that he has the feeling that he can not find the right team.

‘He has consistently compared the past and the present in his head.

‘He knew that he must be 100% on preparations, and he did not feel that way. Then we ended the conversation and I took four days to think.

‘I was out of top tennis for a year, I had many offers, but I refused because I was not ready. It’s hard to train anyone after Novak, I have experienced and scored all the tennis with him. That year was good for me because I rested and I think that Novak felt fresh and new energy when we started working again’ .

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