According to Pat Cash when Djokovic begins to strike the ball so flat and consistently , he is almost unbeatable


Pat Cash said: ‘When Novak locks in and starts hitting that ball so consistently, so flat, it is very difficult for a guy, even as good as Rafael Nadal, to throw some spanners in the works. He tried so much with slice and angles, but Novak Djokovic was just irresistible

However the former Australian tennis champion hailed Nadal who waited for Djokovic before leaving the court after losing the match, yet, stopped by to talk to

the fans who were waiting and signed autographs for them.

Speaking about Djokovic’s victory, Australian tennis legend Pat Cash praised the mindset of Nadal before in dealing with defeats.

“I don’t know if I would be in the mood to sign some autographs like Rafael Nadal did after a match like that,” said Cash

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